We offer the top quality medicinal mushrooms on the market.

Naturally we are organic-certified through the external control authority (DE-ÖKO-001). Our certificate was issued on the basis of article 29, paragraph 1 of regulation (EG) No. 834/2007 and regulation (EG) No. 889/2008.

Furthermore, our product DocVita MykoSan is certified vegan.

We obtain high-quality raw materials from our organic-certified cooperating partner.
Through direct purchase, sensible margins and a compact company structure we are able to offer prices under the usual level.
We constantly carry out quality controls, which ensure through explicit „plummet-identification“ a traceability of the batches to the producers.

Our medicinal mushroom extracts are manufactured in a highly modern, organic certified plant.
Generally, only fungal fruiting bodies are utilized. After an extraction of several hours the products are centrifuged, spray dried and germ-free packaged in a clean room. Only exception is the Cordyceps sinensis, which is cultured germ-free as mushroom spawn in bioreactors. This mushroom spawn is then the basic material for the extraction.

Bio Gütesiegel nach EG-Öko-Verordnung
DEÖKO-001 Gütesiegel
Vegan Siegel der European Vegetarian Union
ÖKO Garantie Siegel, Förderung des seriösen ökologischen Landbaus