MykoPlus Bio Cordyceps powder – 100 grams

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Cordyceps is traditionally used as a tonic against fatigue, depression and stress. Animal experiments have shown that Cordyceps directly interferes with the formation of adrenaline and dopamine beeinflusst, but does not interfere with the serotonin mechanisms. The caterpillar mushroom contains beside Vitaminen and trace elements essential amino acids as well as high-quality Polysaccharide. In addition contents materials such as Cordycepin, Ophicordin and Galactomannan make this mushroom so tremendously interesting. Sportsmen in the asiatic culture area use Cordyceps for a long time due to the energy and perseverance-increasing characteristics. In animal experiments, both an improvement in endurance performance and a reduced susceptibility to stress were proven. By the strong antioxidative capacity of the Cordyceps of contents materials the ATP formation and thus the energy production are improved and the immune function is modulated. Thus Cordyceps is a pflanzliches means for the preservation of the efficiency also with increasing age and for a purposeful anti- Aging treatment suitably.