The active ingredient

Glucaneo™ is a new bioactive molecule, which i.e. activates a series of intracellular mechanisms while binding to the Dectin-1 receptor of the skin’s immune cells. These mechanisms i.e. result in an increased distribution of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Thus, activates the immune function of the skin and reduces cellular feedback, which occurs through inflammation, skin aging as well as UV radiation.

Excessive reactions of the immune system are regulated effectively and the long-lasting regeneration of the skin is stimulated. Thus, your skin gets back its natural balance and consequently radiates more freshness and vitality.

Scientifically confirmed effects


Glucaneo, within 24 hrs. significantly increases the release of anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-8. There is a dose-dependents effect.

Dexamethasone is a customary corticoid.

Support of tissue repair

With Glucaneo already during the first 6 hours there is a significantly faster accruing of wounds observable. There is a dose-dependent effect. The smaller the bar, the more the word surface is reduced.