DEÖKO-001 Gütesiegel
Bio Gütesiegel nach EG-Öko-Verordnung
Vegan Siegel der European Vegetarian Union
ÖKO Garantie Siegel, Förderung des seriösen ökologischen Landbaus

Medicinal – & Edible Mushrooms

MykoGroup – Europe-wide distribution of medicinal mushrooms as a food supplement. After longterm experience with direct sales of bulk ware and bulk packs to retailers, pharmacies and alternative practitioners MykoPlus nowadays also produces consumer oriented merchandise.

A Great Variety of Products

Part of the MykoPlus product-portfolio are among others Organic-agaricus, Organic-Auricularia, Organic-Coprinus, Cordyceps, Organic-Coriolus, Organic-Hericium, Organic-Reishi/Ling Zhi, Organic-Maitake, Organic-Pleurotus, Polyporus, Organic-Shiitake so wie Organic-tinder-fungus.

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Exclusive Range for Retailers

Selected products in high organic- or conventional quality. The attractive range is available for patients or through doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists or counselors. We also supply selected pharmacies and health food stores.

Besides the long-established brand of MykoPlus we also offer exclusive and individual developments.

Your private brand – individually developed for you.

MykoPlus, through it’s production expertise, has a particularly wide-ranging network available. This allows us to support our clients of the professional circle with the development of their own brands.

• Individual product development for your practice
• Accompanying consultation until product introduction
• Magistral- and standard prescription
• Capsules, tablets or powder mixtures
• Exclusive small-batch productions and individual quantities
• Certified manufacturing

Health Is Our Goal. For Your Whole Life.

Every human being is someone special in their whole essence. Therefore also the way to healthiness is a very personal and individual process. We want to even better live up to this individuality.

We offer a very wide-range of Myko-Nutrients from controlled, organic certified and conventional cultivation, sensible complemented by high grade trademarks.

We will support and accompany you in your well-being.

Partners is the way.

In order to achieve this objective more than just good products are required. It takes the know-how of research, development and communication. Therefore the exchange and the cooperation with experts and medical specialists are very import want to us.