Mushroom-powder versus Mushroom-extracts

Among the different suppliers of mushroom-powder and mushroom-extracts there is a religious war. Both sides claim vehemently only their respective products being effective. For the customer, this is confusing and disconcerting. Subsequently the Attempt of an objective presentation, as MykoGroup trades as well in powders as in extracts. Very often it is even reasonable to combine powder and extract.

Very often it is even reasonable to combine powder and extract.


All ingredients as well as fibers survive unchanged, given that the drying process takes place at moderate temperatures, lower than 40°C. Especially the interaction of the different ingredients of the respective mushroom often has a surprising effect and a broader spectrum of activity compared to the extract. If you are looking for a detoxifying or purging effect of the mushrooms, you should go for the holistic power of the powder.


The value enhancing ingredients (i.e. beta-glucan) are 4 to 15-times concentrated depending on the kind of mushroom. Due to the long-term cooking, the substances are eluted from the cellular matrix and therefore available. Extracts can be dosed lower than powder. During the processing procedure, specific contents will be lost but others, i.e. polysaccharides, will become concentrated instead and these are exactly those substances, which have demonstrably the highest effect in nature and thus contribute most to the healing mechanism of the medicinal mushrooms. In some areas, the impact of extracts is often stronger and faster. Frequently the combination of powder and extracts is useful. Most of the clinical studies have been conducted with extracts and thereby their benefit was proven. The pesticide load is greatly reduced.
Disadvantage of extracts: for certain all dietary fibers are lost as well as probably a part of the vitamins and minerals.