MykoSkin Körperlotion aus dem Zunderschwamm

MykoSkin is not like any other skin care. Besides tinder polypore you can expect components of superior quality, which nurture your skin and contribute to the daily supporting care of sensible, irritated or stressed skin. The addition of ingredients like evening primrose oil and shea-butter moisturizes, has a rejuvenating effect and in addition provides essential fatty acids.

The best of Tinder Polypore („Fomes fomentarius“)
What makes our products so special? Organic Glucoseo. This naturally occurs as a fiber complex in the cell wall of the tinder fungus and is, through a special technology, carefully dissolved and medically prepared. Due to the high biological activity, there is an increased interaction between immune cells of the skin system and Beta 1.3/1.6 D Glucan. Therefore, a higher training effect as well as an increased alertness of the immune system against pathogenics (Bacteria, viruses, mushrooms) is achieved. your skin regains its natural balance and radiates freshness and vitality.


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